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Replacement jaws available (PN:62910). A right angle nosepiece pulls at 90° to the normal pulling axis of the riveter. They are offered in a wide variety of hand, pneumatic and pneumatic/hydraulic versions, with optional accessories to permit their use in difficult and limited. Over 4,000 lbs of Pulling Force Slip Resistant Handle Grips Adaptable for Rivnuts® Pulling Force Max. CherryMAX® fasteners are currently available in 1/8" through 1/4" diameters.

1 The CherryMAX®Rivet is inserted into the prepared hole. Weight 4 1/4 lbs (1. Nose Assy Air Hydraulic Rivet Gun Nose Assembly Pneumatic Alligator Rivet Pulling Head Air Hydraulic Rivet Huck 353. Example: -04 grip rivet has a grip range of 3/16" (. of pulling force which permits the installation of all Cherry Commercial Blind Rivets or any other Pop type rivets through 1/4" diameter as well as all CherryMax rivets through 3/16" diameter. A driving anvil which acts as a tool, setting the locking collar in place 3.

Manual Hand Tools NOSE ASSEMBLIES ADAPTERS. Extensions are available for extending the pulling heads to reach limited access areas. Goodrich, Rexnord, Tridir, Shurlock, Avdel and Townsend Perma-pulls.

G800CRM CherryMAX Hydraulic Hand Riveter Kit. Cherrymax Riveter. The grip range of all CherryMAX® rivets is in increments of 1/16", with the last dash number indicating the maximum grip length in 16ths. 062 - SEE NOTES Be the first to review this product. 825" Overall Dimensions: 6-1/4" H x 5-3/8" L x cherrymax manual rivet puller 1 4 1-3/4" W; Weight: 20. D E S C R I P T I O N The Cherry G704B is a pneumatic-hydraulic tool designed specifically for the most efficient installation of CherryMAX® 3/4" (19. Fits GPB704; Cherry G701A, and G704 riveters.

Its durable, all metal housing makes this extremely robust tool ideal for use in rugged shop environments. Comes with 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16" nosepieces. How to install a Cherrymax rivet? CherryMAX® tooling delivers a simple, trouble-free installation. They are used in restricted areas, or when pulling from around a corner.

188) to 1/4" (. Pulls all nominal and oversize Cherrymax rivets from 1/8" (-4) to 3/16" (-6). CherryLOCK Process Manual: CherryLOCK® Process Manual: CherryMAX: CherryMAX® Blind Rivet: CherryMAX "AB" CherryMAX® "AB" Locked Spindle Structural Blind Rivet: CherryMAX Process Manual: CherryMAX® Process Manual: MBC: Cherry® MBC® Blind Rivet System: Nut-Plate Rivet: Cherry® Nut-Plate Rivet: SPR: Cherry SPR™ 3/32" Self-Plugging Rivet. What size riveter for Cherrymax? For example, -04 grip rivet has a grip range of 3/16" (. The PT-4500-MIL-1 is a logical addition for any organization normally requiring 1/4" diameter blind rivet ability. The CherryMAX® rivet is the most reliable, high strength structural fastener with visual inspectability in the world today. The grip range of all CherryMAX®rivets is in increments of 1/16", with the last dash number indicating the maximum grip length in 16ths.

GBP CHERRYMAX RIVETING KIT - A complete tool kit for installing Cherrymax®, Allmax®, and Huckmax®, and other Aerospace Rivets meeting NAS, M7885, BACR15FP/FR & BACR15GF/GK. CHERRYMAX ® RIVET SELECTION HEAD STYLES NUMBERING SYSTEM Cherry Part Number Example: CRMaximum Grip Length in 16ths of an inch (-04 = 4/16 = 1/4) Rivet Diameter in 32nds of an inch (-6 = 6/32 = 3/16) Head Style Odd number = Protruding Head Even number = Flush Head Rivet Type & Material Combination (See Pages 8 thru 14) cherrymax manual rivet puller 1 4 CherryMAX Rivet. 6 out of 5 stars 200 .

Includes: G800 CherryMAX Hydraulic Hand Riveter - Stroke 3/4", Pulling Force up to 6000 lbs, Weight 1. A unique torsion spring keeps the lever arm in place, ready to accept rivet after rivet. 4, -5, and -6 diameter CherryMAX® bulb type rivets in all head styles, materials and grip lengths. 1000 Pop Rivets Rivet Set Riveter Tool Air Manual Gun.

The pulling head (installation tool) is slipped over the rivet’s stem. Very compact design. and can be operated in any position with one hand. Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items.

Operates on 80 to 100 psi air pressure at 4. Installation Tools. PNEUDRAULIC TOOLS. Intented for use where access or power limitations prevent the use of power tools. CHERRYMAX HYDRAULIC HAND RIVETER G800 The G800 is an ergonomic, lightweight hand powered riveter capable of installing a wide variety of blind fasteners. A fully serrated stem with break notch, shear ring and integral grip adjustment 2.

625" Overall Dimensions: 6-1/4" H x 5-3/8" L x 1-3/4" W Weight: 20. Two Valve, cylindrical hydraulic pump assembly, with pressure. 53 L/cycle) H753A-456 Right Angle NSNMilitary Part Number M85188S2 H781-456 Offset NSNMilitary Part Number M85188S3 G704B Pulling Heads. To determine the proper grip rivet to use, measure the material thickness with a Cherry 269C3 selector gage as shown here. Overall Length: 9 1/4". PT-4500-MIL-1 Cordless CherryMax Riveter Kit The New, Higher Capacity PT-4500 Cordless Blind Riveter offers the sheet metal technician the capability for installation of most all 1/4" diameter blind rivets.

The D100-RN hand operated hydraulic tool is ideally suited to the needs of the aircraft homebuilder. SPECIFICATIONS FOR G747. Cherry Installation Tools are manufactured to provide maximum service with minimum care. Over 5,000 lbs of Pulling Force; Slip Resistant Handle Grips; Adaptable for Rivnuts® Pulling Force 5000 lbs; Stroke Max.

With the included pulling head, you can install 1/8” 5/32” and 3/16” CherryMAX rivets. The tool develops 3,500 lbs. It features the "Safe-lock" locking collar for more reliable joint integrity.

The GBP 704E is a pneumatic-hydraulic riveting tool designed specifically for the efficient installation of CherryMAX, as well as a wide range of other blind rivets. Rivet Gun,13" Heavy Duty Hand Riveter With Waste Rivets Collecting Bottle and 5 Interchangeable Color-Coded Heads, 5 in 1 Hand Riveter Set with 50-Piece Rivets - AHR02 4. A quality pneumatic riveter designed to pull 3/32" through 3/16" aluminum and steel blind rivets. 5 m/s2 Air Consumption. CherryMAX® fasteners are currently available in 1/8" through 1/4" diameters in both nominal and 1/64" oversize diameters.

Vans had indicated that you dont really need to buy the expensive Cherry rivet puller to set the CherryMax rivets on an RV-12 if you use good technique and a cheap riveter from the hardware store. The kit contains GBP 150 rivet Tool, 3/32 nut plate nosepiece, 1/8", 5/32" & 3/16" CherryMAX®, 1/4" nosepiece, 6-32, 8. Used worldwide, Cherry tools are CE Certified and manuals are available in multiple languages. RIGHT ANGLE CHERRYMAX PULLING HEAD. A straight nosepiece is the preferred way to install Cherrymax rivets if circumstances permit.

In addition a wide selection of rivet nosepieces are provided to permit installation of virtually all single action blind rivets thru 3/16" diameter currently in DOD inventory, including CherryMax®(thru 1/4" M7885/NAS9300) Cherrylock®"A" Olympic-lok(NAS1400A) Huck SMLS(NAS1900S) Nutplate rivets(Mil-N-25027) POP® rivets(Mil-R-24243) Self. 93 kg) Noise Level 71 dB (A) Vibration Less than 2. Engineering Innovative Rivet & Lockbolt Tools since 1956. CHERRYMAX OFFSET PULLING HEAD H781-456 CherryMAX Offset Pulling Head installs 1/8, 5/32 & 3/16 Nominal & Oversize CherryMAX Rivets. Cherry & CherryMax Rivets / CRBlind Pull Rivet - 100° Countersunk - Nominal Shank - Steel Stem, 5056 Aluminum Sleeve - 1/8 Diameter - Grip Range. It weighs just over 7 lbs. 6 out of 5 stars (19) Total Ratings 19, 100% agree - Would recommend.

GB100-Mil-1A Riveter & Rivetnut Puller Kit : Great kit for pulling CherryMAX® and Huck-Clinch®, pop, monobolt and most commercial rivets, lockbolts, nut plate rivets as well as most rivnuts including B. It comes equipped with a 728A9-4 nosepiece to install 1/8" aluminum rivets and has a 728A9-6 nosepiece stored in the handle for installing 5/32" and 3/16" aluminum rivets. 4,200 lbs Stroke Max. No Membership Fee. Installs All CherryMax® and Huck-Clinch® thru 1/4" dia. Applying a firm, steady pressure, which seats the rivet head, the installation tool is then actuated.

4 lbs (2Kg) shipping weight. Power Source: Hand operated. What are the parts of a Cherrymax rivet?

See the section on pulling heads for the correct pulling head part number. Equipped with a 728A9-3 nosepiece to install 3/32" aluminum rivets and has a 728A9-104 nosepiece stored in the handle for installing 1/8" aluminum. The CherryMax® G29 hand riveter is an efficient, compact, lightweight tool for installing Cherry® nutplate rivets.

Not for cherrymax rivets. The tools utilize one pulling head to install many diameters, head configurations, and material combinations. A locking collar that mechanically locks the stem to the rivet sleeve during fastener installation 4.

The tool weighs just over 4-1/2 lbs. A CherryMAX®rivet consists of four components: 1. Rivet Squeezers Hand Tools All Hand Tools Clamps Deburring Tools Hand Rivet Pullers Heat Guns / Accessories Hi-Lok Tools / Ratchets Hole Finders Miscellaneous Nut Plate Jigs Precision Measuring Safety Wire & Pliers Screwdriving Tools Cleco Fasteners. Installs 1/8, 5/32, and 3/16 rivets. 4 CHERRYMAX ® RIVET SELECTION NUMBERING SYSTEM CRMaximum Grip Length (in 16" increments Rivet Diameter (in 1/32" increments) Head Style/Material Combination (see table). 2 The pulling head holds the rivet sleeve in place as it begins to pull the rivet stem into the rivet sleeve. What is the grip length of a Cherrymax rivet?

STRAIGHT CHERRYMAX PULLING HEAD Part Number: H701B-456 A straight nosepiece is the cherrymax manual rivet puller 1 4 preferred way to install Cherrymax rivets if circumstances permit. cherrymax manual rivet puller 1 4 Pulls avex, pop, and all smooth stem rivets up to 3/16". LOT/3 FSI Huck CherryMax Rivet Heads*Right F1075H*Offset F1076H*Straight F1074H. Cherry Max Structural Rivet. The GBP744 is a pneumatic-hydraulic tool designed specifically for the efficient installation of 1/8" thru 1/4" Cherrymax®, Allmax®, Huckmax®, Huck Clinch®, and other Aerospace Rivets meeting MIL-R-7885, NAS, M7885, BACR15FP/FR, & BACR15GF/GK. Get the best deals on Cherrymax Riveter when you. Maybe, I did both and was VERY unhappy with the 4-8 rivets on the important center section in the fuselage.

Cherrymax manual rivet puller 1 4

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