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Disclaimer AAD nv/sa intensively tests all Vigils to assure their reliability. Reyers 193 • B-1030 Brussels • Belgium Tel:• Fax:e-mail: aero • website: www. Elastic Cutter retainer 4. When traveling on any commercial flight with your Vigil®, this manual - as well as the Vigil X-Ray Card - should accompany you. The m2 is somewhat the new kid on the block, but the Czech Republic. VIGIL II+c Military – Multi Mode A. Water Resistance Performs a self-check at every start-up. This comes with technology people.

At press time, Advanced Aerospace Designs was still developing the instructions for making this change on Vigil 2+ units. Each Vigil can be delivered with a free Vigil pocket designed for an electronic AAD (on request). The Vigil Cuatro battery must be replaced by the manufacturer (AAD in Belgium or Vigil America in Florida), so it must be returned to one of these 2 locations when due for a battery replacement.

This is the same paper. The Vigil® 2+ Cuatro, an ALL-IN-ONE Automatic Activation Device (AAD) will also work in U. New AADs from the skydiving gear shop ChutingStar Skydiving Gear SuperStore for your new or used skydiving rig!

1 and Vigil II Instruction Manual. I personally prefer it of the Cypres because of the user interface. Status: Advisory. 2:16 Martha Argerich, Kissin, Levine, Pletnev Bach Concerto For 4 Pianos Bwv 1065 Verbier, JulyDuration: 12:45. Submit a life saving report.

Vigil II 2+ & Cuatro Dual Battery Pack The battery pack is composed of 2 Tadiran lithium AA cells located in the lower half of the case. It can be easily installed in any harness/container system equipped with a place for an AAD. Read real submitted life saving reports, and discover how lucky these Vigil AAD owners have been. The Vigil® doesn’t need filter replacement. Vigil Far East Nam Fong Industrial Building Block 1 1400 Flightline Blvd. 1-866-Y-SKYDIVEGift Certificate. The battery’s life span is ±5 years or min jumps and must be replaced after 10 years.

Download life saving report PDF. Vigil Cuatro Users Manual US v. I researched this AAD in and out, and found that each AAD had its own individual problems.

- Advanced Aerospace Designs Bld A. Overall advantages: Multi Mode Novice, expert or tandem – all-in-one device. Flat and 15% thinner than the Vigil I controller The 26 X 96 dots display on the control unit allows a clear alphanumerical communication with the parachutist; it is protected by a scratch-proof sapphire/gorilla glass and a. 5 meters for about 30 minutes. lex mechanical or electronic devices, is subject to kçíÉ= 1. The Vigil can also be installed into vigil 2 aad manual any pocket approved by the manufacturer.

I recently bought a Vigil 2 this past summer and so far it has been GREAT. Display Results By. It has a built-in stainless steel air filter which does need to be replaced after contact with water (see chapter 6 of User’s Manual). Vigil AAD Battery Replacement Service. or Metric standards units. Vigil 2+ AAD and Vigil Cuatro AAD One Pin Cutter Unit – New Full Inox Cutter (Type 3) Specially developed for Vigil® (patented technology - EU Patent N° EP1512626A2). Vigil vigil 2 aad manual 2 AAD Below is a comparison chart, showing the different AAD units, their activation speeds and altitudes.

SERVICE BULLITEN: This service bulletin authorizes use of the Vigil II DoM 10/ or later and Dual Cutters DoM 11/ or later, when installed in accordance with the Dual Hawk Tandem Manual installation guidelines, P/N510045, Sec. The Vigil is not water resistant. The unit also works as a data recorder. ® When traveling on any commercial flight with your Vigil Cuatro, this manual as well as the Vigil X-Ray Card ®. current sport rigs. We have 1 AAD Vigil Cuatro manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. Pedro Taam Recommended for you. Vigil 2 AAD 1 Pin for Skydiving Parachutes.

1 BVRD2M TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION The VIGIL EVAS BVRD2M is a DSP controlled Voice Alarm Routing Matrix that is fully compliant with BS5839 part 8 and EN54 part 16. For more technical information please read the AAD manufacturer’s manual and/or get in touch with them. The CYPRES AAD owner’s manual clearly explains the steps you’ll need to take to increase the activation altitude. It contains explanations that will be useful to the airport security staff. aero Vigil America Inc. 22207 Electronic version: V 2.

The Vigil can be used for three types of skydiving by pushing on just one button. : VIGIL Il Multimode Week 1 49 Year 1 Date:. The Vigil Installation kit is comprised of the following items: 1. 46 W720 Testing location: Brussels, Belgium Tested by: Sven Version: DOM. ) the Vigil II+c Military has additional features tailored for Military operational jumps and air delivery.

Vigil is equipped with a barometric pressure sensor. Life Expectancy Max. The BVRD2M master unit provides eight electronically balanced. 3: ENG; Vigil 2+ User’s Manual v2+. Advanced Aerospace Designs Boulevard A. The Vigil Cuatro, an ALL-IN-ONE Automatic Activation Device (AAD) will also work in U. When travelling on any commercial flight with your Vigil®, this manual - as well as the Vigil X-Ray Card - should accompany you. The devices are made with high technologies and use the latest knowledge of skydiving.

Created with Sketch. Page 11: Introduction 2. Vigil 2 AAD assembly with Spectra closing loop and washer- Vigil or Cypres configuration (Figure 1). Cutter & controller are field-replaceable. The control unit, cutter and battery are all field-replaceable. Reyers 193 • B-1030 Brussels • Belgium :• F:e-mail: The red LED briefly flashes three times when the Vigil is reaching and passing the activation altitude. Vigil Cuatro Users Manual US v. A competitive price and a low cost of ownership.

The new generation of the AAD represents the unit m² AAD, combining experience in development, production and use of previous security devices. Submit your report to receive a new free cutter. If your Vigil is submerged in water, you should send it to an approved Vigil dealer for inspection.

20 years life expectancy. These user programmable modes are: «Pro», «Student» or «Tandem». Take the Vigil 2 power unit and with the orange Vigil logo facing the bottom wall of the. Vigil© AAD Test Certificate This Vigil.

Additonal files: SB1545. ChutingStar currently sells the Vigil Cuatro for 90, and can be ordered from ChutingStar at this link. View the Cuatro Manual. Positive connector locking. Like any other AAD on the market, vigil 2 aad manual the purpose of the Vigil® is to save lives. 2 Closing loops 6.

The Vigil 2&39;s resistance of water is pretty impressive as well with a water immersion of 0. All modes available: Expert, Speed, C-Mode, Tandem and Student. The battery pack works at a temperature range between -13°F and +158°F or -25°C and +70°C. Aad Vigil Cuatro User Manual (48 pages). The manufacturer requires the battery to vigil be replaced every 10 years. or metric standards units. Used by most military units around the world, including the US. with an AAD must have the unit tested by the manufacturer or an accredited testing facility at specified time intervals as outlined by the AAD manufacturer.

The Vigil Cuatro battery is good for at least 5 years or jumps. The original Vigil AAD is not waterproof, but the Vigil II, 2+ and Cuatro AADs are waterproof. Nothing in this manual is. 2 Installation The Vigil is completely compatible with most sport rigs on the market today. Cypres 2 AAD: Products. Note: The instructions and following photos are taken of a Talon FX2 system which has a small (170mm) Cypres pocket installed. Do not submit your Vigil at pressures above 3000 mbar.

m² AAD has been on sale since mid-. Sleeve Type 4 – 1. Schools and centers: the versatility of the 3 modes = cost effective. 04: ENG; Addendum battery life span change from 10 to 12 years; Vigil 2+ Xtreme User’s Manual x0. Business Hours Mon-Thu 7-3 (MST) Current Delivery Time. The Cypres 2 and Military Cypres 2 manuals claim the same 100% reliability: “ To date CYPRES units have saved the lives of far more than 1000 skydivers, without a single unit ever refusing to activate when the conditions were met ”. CYPRES 2 AAD, Airtec&39;s CYPRES 2 unit is today’s industry standard for AADs in-stock at ChutingStar Skydiving Gear SuperStore!

The Vigil®, an ALL-IN-ONE Automatic Activation Device (AAD) will also work in U. View all recorded reports. Vigil retains last 16 minutes of freefall and creates 16 graphs containing all jump information that can be downloaded through an Infra Red download box. When traveling on any commercial flight with your Vigil ® II Cuatro, this manual as well as the Vigil ® X-Ray Card should.

Vigil 2 AAD Approval. VIGIL EVAS BVRD2M Operating Instructions BVRD2M issue 2 1 aad C O M M U N I C A T I O N S 1 Introduction 1. In addition to all the proven advantages of our sport Vigil 2+ (20 year life expectancy, no scheduled maintenance, multi-mode, vigil 2 aad manual etc. Owners manual/User&39;s guide for the Cypres. 1,8 meters for a maximum of 24 hours. Cypres seems a little crude for my liking. 3 : EN / ES / PT; Manual Vigil download box: US V 09_R0 05; Latest version of Vigil II User’s Manual US v II.

5 » MIL-T-5038 3. The AAD used in these instructions is a Vigil and the excess cutter cable is stowed as shown. Vigil 2+ and Vigil Cuatro, are waterproof (IP 68) and can withstand water immersion of max. Bulletin number: 1545. Free shipping offers, gear package discounts, Rewards Points and expert skydivers advice at ChutingStar! As previously noted, the Vigil II AAD is only approved for the Dual Hawk. Alpha numeric display for ease of use and communication. If you have questions about your canopy, feel free to get in touch with us.

CYPRES, m2, Vigil AADS In-Stock. has been tested in accordance with Advanced Aerospace Designs manufacturing specifications valid on the Date Of Manufacture (DOM. Manuals and User Guides for AAD Vigil Cuatro.

Vigil 2 aad manual

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